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Bereavement support

mains tenant

What is that?

An individual consultation for emotional support and orientation to allow you to express yourself with an open heart, to identify and allay doubts and fears, to demystify the passage of death, to go through the process of mourning, to discover your resources, to regain your power and make informed decisions. 

I accompany you as much by active listening, pnl coaching questions and benevolent presence.

Virtual consultations are done on zoom for a duration of 1 hour.  Receipts for insurance available.

For people at the end of life, the initial needs assessment meeting can be done with the family virtually if you wish.

Support meetings can be done on zoom, at your home, at the hospital or at the palliative care home.


"Death is the end of physical life and the passage to an elsewhere which remains mysterious."

-Charly Samson

You might want to cover the following topics:

  • Recent or past bereavement. 

  • Mourning the ideal relationship of a parent with a mental disorder. 

  • Perinatal bereavement.
  • Worries about your own death or that of a loved one.
  • Preparing for end of life.

  • Preparing of the last wishes.

  • Searching for meaning and spirituality. 

  • Planning and organizing of a funeral rite or celebration of life.

  • Any other subject that concerns you in connection with mourning, finitude, death. 

What is a thanadoula 

Formerly called burier or "envelisseuse", a thanadoula is a doula who accompanies death and mourning.

During this period of your life, I accompany you with benevolence and compassion to regain your power.

My role

My role is to allow you to demystify and tame death, that of your loved ones and yours.

Provide the information you need to make the best informed decisions based on your needs.

Help prepare and ensure that the last wishes of the person at the end of life are respected. I offer you psychosocial and emotional support.

At all times, I refer you to the right people according to your needs. No medical act or diagnosis is made. In case of emergency or need, I contact your doctor and your family.




The benefits of receiving the support of a thanadoula


With the approach of the last moments of life, can come the last wishes to plan and organize, questioning, the time for assessments, life contracts and forgiveness to be released...

By being accompanied, you will be able to better manage stress, make a transition with peace of mind and a light heart. Having someone close to you through this last stage of life will make you feel reassured and united.

A thanadoula can help you make informed decisions at the end of life by providing all the important information: legal documents to complete, your rights and responsibilities.

Finally, you will be able to receive help to take stock of what you ultimately want to convey and how you want it done.

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