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Transformational coaching

What is that?

1 hour virtual individual meeting for personal and spiritual development to empower you regain your power. Allow yourself to clarify an goal, to expose your concerns and questions. I accompany you in the discovery of your own resources and possibilities. A unique accompaniment to regain the confidence and connection you need toward your next direction. 

Image de Denys Nevozhai

"The deepest thing we can offer our children is our own healing."
-Anne Lamott

A process that allows: 

  • Setting boundaries.

  • Ending an intergenerational pattern. 

  • Ending toxic relationships.

  • Developping your intuition.

  • Living better with emotions.

  • Communicating with confidence.

  • To begin or step forward in your spiritual awakening.

  • To manage stress.

  • Navigating a transition state with confidence. 

  • Updating your core values.

  • Identifying and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs.

  • Acting with consistency and alignment.

  • Grounding yourself in presence.

  • Defining yourself through your spirituality.

  • And more!

People come to see me to close a cycle and begin a renewal. In this process, I accompany you so that you can make the best decisions and achieve what is most important to you. 

Read my approach, in the About section, to learn more about my coaching techniques. If you feel it's the right time and you have any questions, I will be happy to offer you a free consultation

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"That you listened to me so openly ended up giving me the guts to assert myself a little more today."

Image de Kent Pilcher


“While I defined myself through the eyes of others and the different roles I occupy in my life, coaching allowed me to redefine myself. In fact, I found tools there to refocus on my person, to give myself importance again, to become my center of interest again. Take care of myself while developing my potential, allow myself to be as I am. Véronique is a sensitive coach who demonstrates real listening. Her great quality as a person makes her a poised, thoughtful, invested and rigorous coach." 

Image de Marita Kavelashvili


" With you, the transformations are rapid, your support is direct, right to the point." 

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