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Workshops & Training

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What is that?

Tailor-made around the theme of mourning, major transitions and transformations of life, finitude, resources and strategies to go through these stages of life healthily and at your own pace. 

The workshops serve your personal and spiritual development. They are built with informative content around the theme and include a reflective part where you can answer coaching questions to discover your resources, obstacles, values, beliefs and strategies. 

My workshops are given in virtual mode as well as face-to-face. 

To find out the dates of the Mortal 5 to 7 and Coffee-Talk in the West Island of Montreal in person and virtually, consult the Events.


What is that?

To acquire knowledge, skills and strategies related to leadership development and grief management in the workplace.

My training courses are tailor-made according to your needs. 

As a business or community organization, you may be eligible for a grant for my training services. Contact me for more information. 

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